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The Lc3 Team is Back

Lc3 Thunderbirds had another successful year. This was our second year participating in FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition). Lc3 Thunderbirds is the only FRC team in the area. It is also the only place in Lee County where high school student can get robotics experience.


In early January, we received our challenges and games rules. Immediately thereafter, we had to design and build our robot, and be ready for our competition at the end of March at the UNIDome in Cedar Falls, Iowa.


During the first match at competition, our plexiglass was accidentally shattered by an opposing alliance robot, with pieces of it flying across the field, and shards into our electronics. This presented some serious challenges for us as we had to rebuild much for the robot in only a couple of hours. Other teams, including the one that did the damage, donated materials and helped us get back onto the playing field. In the end, we had a working robot with an arm that could pick up cones and cubes. 


This was another fantastic year of growth. We just keep getting better as a team. Our robot may not be the most fancy one, but we work well together. It’s about more than just robots. Through this program we get to learn real world skills and how to problem solve in man different situations. Lc3 Thunderbirds are proud to represent Lee County.


We are always looking for help, especially mentors and sponsors. If you are interested or just want to know more about the team, check us out at Be part of something incredible, support STEM in Lee County, and have the hardest fun you’ll ever have.

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